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Let us find you the best deal on your business landline phones.

Once we have secured you the best deal, there is no interruption of service when moving to a new business landline phone provider and no lengthy forms to fill in as we, at Range Communications, take care of all that for you.

We will manage the complete move for you from start to finish making the switch hassle-free. All we need to help you start saving money is a copy of your current bill.

Our service to you includes –

  • High-quality service
  • Cost savings in excess of 20% if you move from BT
  • No contract length
  • Free installations

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Get in touch with one of expert and friendly team to talk about your business landline phones


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Drop us an email and will get back to you asap about your business landline phones!


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Angela and her team are always on hand to help and assist. Nothing is too much trouble. They offer a wide range of options so I can choose the best bespoke package that suits me. I have upgraded my phone with Range Communications for over 10 years and would not go anywhere else. It’s not just the business mobiles that Angela helps me with. She’s on hand to answer any of my broadband queries and has recycled my old phones and IT equipment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Angela and Range Communications to anyone.
Terry Dorr
I suddenly realised that my data was running out before the end of the month and I was unable to use data on my phone. One call for help to Range and they got to the bottom of the problem they worked out how much additional data I would need and removed the data cap so this wouldn’t happen again. I didn’t have to call a call centre and waste time on hold or discussing my business to a stranger Angela took care of that and as she knows us and how we work the problem was resolved quickly - thanks again Angela you’re a star!
Debbie Rimmington – Repton Security
Brilliant service from Angela Richardson and Range Communications - I asked for options for a new mobile on Friday, picked out a phone/tariff on Monday and they sent paperwork straight away, ordered it and it was delivered yesterday.
Phil Revill – Web Design and Digital Marketing Consultant at it’seeze Nottingham
What you get from Angela and the guys at Range is true service. Yes, their knowledge is excellent of knowing what's out there and what you need, yes the products they have are really good on price BUT it's a service thats goes around it all that makes a difference. The questions that get answered immediately and the solutions that are found quickly - that's the reason I work with them.
Paul Chapman Marketing Strategist | Speaker | Outsourced CMO | Best Selling Author of The Game Changers.
  • Terry Dorr
  • Debbie Rimmington – Repton Security
  • Phil Revill – Web Design and Digital Marketing Consultant at it’seeze Nottingham
  • Paul Chapman Marketing Strategist | Speaker | Outsourced CMO | Best Selling Author of The Game Changers.

Business Landline Phones FAQ’s

Landlines are slowly becoming required less as people turn to calls over the internet and mobile phones but every business usually wants their own specified number that people can contact them on. It is our job to arrange the best fit solution to what the client wants to achieve.

Depends what you have but a standard adsl line costs just £11.50 per month

We request it for you and organise BT openreach to install it for you. We monitor the the timeline and ensure the installation is done correctly and is working correctly.

Similar to a consumer line. Businesses tend to need more than one call to be live at a time and this can be done in many different ways. We take the time to listen to what the client wants to achieve and put the best solution together to fit each client.

All companies are different but we can help you choose the right balance and offer a solution.

If your business is being hit with high phone bills, switching to a more cost-effective call plan can help cut your overheads. Speak to our connectivity experts to find a call plan that suits the needs of your business, and see if you could save money with a plan that offers unlimited calls.

An unlimited calls package might work best, as this allows you to make as many calls as you need at certain times of the day, for no extra cost. If you want to cap specific costs – international calls, for instance – you’ll need to make sure this is specified in any deal you sign up to, so bear this in mind when you’re considering a package that’s right for your business.

Your business can keep its existing landline telephone number when you switch. This is known as number ‘porting’ and is fairly standard practice for landline providers. When moving business premises, there is more to take into account but we can provide the solution. To find out more, get in touch with our connectivity experts.

When choosing a business landline provider, you’ll also need to consider any extra services you might need, such as:

  • Additional phone lines
  • Conference calling
  • Call diversion
  • Call waiting
  • Caller display
  • Voicemail

It’s also worth weighing up whether you’ll need things like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), to automatically get caller information and routes calls to the right recipients, or even set up your own switchboard using a Private Branch Exchange (PBX).While some of these features and functions could be valuable to the smallest of businesses, others are clearly aimed at larger businesses. At Range Communications, we only want to offer you the products and services you need, so we’ll never recommend any unnecessary extras.

If you think your business is paying for phone functions it doesn’t need, you could save money by simply removing them. That’s where our tech-enabled experts are on hand to help.

You can quite simply authorise us to supply your lines and calls and we will initiate this process.

Phone line transfers typically take between 10-12 working days to complete.

This is entirely up to you; all outward transfers are initiated by Range Communications and your existing provider will be notified of a pending transfer request.

Yes. At Range Communications we believe that having a business landline will greatly improve the day-to-day running of your company. Not only do they improve communication, but they also tie your business to a specific location. Business landlines allow customers to contact you directly, improving the reputation of your business and allowing you to maintain privacy. If a personal mobile number is being used for a business, the calls could impact your personal life. By investing in a business landline, you can easily separate the two and allow a more distinct personal life. 

With Range Communications, you can easily purchase and set up a business landline phone and phone number. We can help you move from your current landline phone provider, or help you set up a brand new one. From there, you can choose your contract from our competitive deals and utilise the many benefits that come with it. We will provide you with a business number that can be distributed out to the general public, raising business awareness and increasing customer communication.

Businesses have landline phones because they establish a line between personal and professional lives. They also offer various benefits for businesses of all sizes. Features of landlines include: 

  • Anonymous Caller Rejection
  • Caller ID
  • Call Holding 
  • Conference Calls
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail
  • Call Routing
  • Music-on-hold

Whilst you may think that business landlines and residential landlines are exactly the same, they actually have a few differences.

Business landline contracts tend to be more expensive due to their additional features, but they do have priority when it comes to engineering visits. If there is a fault with your company landline, it will be fixed quicker and will cost less. Due to the frequent use of business landlines, they must be able to handle more traffic and support nationwide communication at least. 

Personal landlines have fewer features and therefore cost less to install. Whilst residential landlines do have call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail, this is often the extent of their features. Home landlines are much simpler than their business counterparts and do not offer the same features as company landlines.

Business landlines are landlines designed for professional and business use. The services come with call recording, call ID and call divert to name a few. Their purpose is to increase business communication and efficiency, helping you respond to customer enquiries, business opportunities and much more. With Range Communications, business landlines are a cost-effective way of improving company correspondence.

The basic function of a business landline works by connecting the business’ internal and external communication networks. It routes calls to multiple extensions or handsets in an office.

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