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The Google Pixel 4a has been launched and a price that is right for business!  

What do you get?  
Security built in and strong device management for your business needs, including automatic updates. The Google Pixel 4a has a battery that lasts up to 24 hours and Google's Android OS making it ready for anything! 
Spec: 5.8" Full HD+ Display, OLED, Edge to Edge Screen with Hole Punch Camera, 128GB Internal Storage, 6GB RAM, Adaptive Battery, 48-hour battery life with extreme battery saver, Dual Rear Camera, Google Assistant, Portrait Mode, Car Crash Detection and more. 

You can't even text and walk! Just watch the video below to see exactly what we mean. 

The trouble is, far too many people out there are determined to try and text while driving, with horrific results. And when your business trusts and relies upon the integrity of your drivers, that's a risk you can't afford to take. 
Here at Range Communications we don't just specialise in business mobile phones, we also offer high-standard integrated dash cam and tracking technology for your vehicle fleet. That way you can keep a close eye on your driving staff, not only ensuring that they're driving according to company procedure and operating according to UK driving standards, but also knowing they are using their mobile phones responsibly and safely. 

Wondering what on earth all the fuss is about the new iPhone 12, 12 Pro and Pro Max? 

You can compare features of the new iPhone 12's with the older iPhone 11's, or just about any other iPhone handset here!  

At Range Communications we keep in touch with you throughout the year. 

We can perform a bill analysis as often as you need to ensure that you get the best business mobile phone deals. 
We strive to keep your mobile phone plans as cost-effective as possible and we're constantly working to provide you with the latest mobile handsets.  
Whatever you need, we can tailor a bespoke mobile phone plan to suit you. 
Range Communications offer you three of the best mobile networks: EE, Vodafone and O2. 
Our team of business and personal mobile phone experts are ready to help you save money. 
All it takes is one call to sort it all, so phone now on 
0115 871 8654. 
What you get from Angela and the guys at Range is true service. Yes, their knowledge is excellent of knowing what's out there and what you need, yes the products they have are really good on price BUT it's a service thats goes around it all that makes a differnece. The questions that get answered immediately and the solutions that are found quickly - that's the reason I work with them. 
Paul Chapman  
Marketing Strategist | Speaker | Outsourced CMO | Best Selling Author of The Game Changers. 
I am totally thrilled with the service I've received from Angela, firstly in getting my original contract and handset so quickly and secondly in providing advice and real solutions when needed. 
I'd absolutely recommend using Range for your mobile needs - exceptional service and always with a smile! 
Deirdre - Tropic Platinum Ambassador 
We're the experts when it comes to mobile phones - after all, we've been finding great mobile deals for over 20 years. 
iPhone for Business
We offer a full range of mobile accessories including screen protectors, leather cases and chargers so whatever your requirements, please just ask.  

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