Due to government funding and advances in technology, fully green energy can now be provided via some suppliers at the same cost as fuel burning energy. 
All we need from you is a copy of your latest bill and we can start the process to review your energy spend alongside your carbon footprint. 
Switch and start creating a low carbon future, today 
There’s no 6G available yet. Let’s just start by making that clear. The powers that may be are researching into the possibility of 6G but it’s still some way off yet. And besides, it’s all about 5G at the moment. The whole 5G revolution is very new and is a big deal. EE are even saying you can have 5G at the Glastonbury festival this year. 
The networks shelled out millions to get a cut of the 5G airwaves. They’ve started rolling out the new 5G contracts this month, yes that’s right, different contracts. 
... we're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared. 
Phishing scams are getting bigger, scarier and, unlike this shark, are becoming even more difficult to spot. 
One of our customers contacted us to ask about a possible scam sent to her from EE. 
What has your utility bill got to do with Brexit? Well, ordinarily politics has little effect on anything but your tax bill. 
Brexit, on the other hand, is a political beast of an entirely different nature. And it's that unexpected and unpredictable nature that people are finding difficult, no one quite knows quite what will happen when Brexit finally happens. Even the politicians seem at a loss. It is this lack of certainty that is creating a similar level of uncertainty in the realm of utilities. 
Over the past 12 months energy prices have soared. 
Backup! Backup some more! And some more! 
We're talking backup today. 
When was the last time you backed up, saved, and protected? We all know how important it is to back up our work computer but do we do the same for our mobile devices? 
Have you saved those all important holiday photos? Your phone address book? The documents from emails you deleted months ago? The passwords for accounts you forgot how to access? All your favourite tunes? 
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