Here's how to make the most of it. 
Upon updating your iPhone's operating system to the all-new iOS 11.1, you may have noticed a few subtle changes here and there, but not much more than that. Although the overall appearance of your phone and apps may not appear to be too different, there are loads of little changes that are now on your handset to make things faster and easier - and to make sure you don't miss out on them, we've put together a quick break-down of what's what! You can thank us later. 
Ooh - have you noticed the little strip of icons at the bottom of your screen nowadays whenever you open iMessage? This little fella is called an 'app drawer', and has been added to the app to make life easier and more efficient for you when using iMessage. Within it you'll find Apple and third-party apps to enable you to send animated drawings, GIFs and even share tunes with your buddies. The music option is limited to your most recent listenings if you're using Apple Music, but if you're subscribed to Spotify you'll be able to send what you like. The fabulous Kayak travel app enables you to share trip itineraries and compare flight prices amongst other things. There are so many different apps tucked away in the drawer, so have a good rummage! 
Control Centre 
Your Control Centre (activated by swiping up from the bottom of the screen) now allows you to choose which buttons feature in it. You simply need to go to the Settings app and choose from there, and the clever thing is that by pressing and holding on the buttons you add, you can access the deeper options e.g holding on the torch button opens up the brightness options. 
iOS 11.1 makes it easier for you to type one-handed, should you wish to. Simply press the globe button and drag left or right to bring the keyboard in. Simple! 
Password sharing 
No need to faff around finding the card with your WiFi password on it every time a friend comes over and needs to access the internet - you can now allow people access via your iPhone. If someone nearby tries to connect to your WiFi, you'll receive a prompt asking if you'd like to allow them to connect, and you can take it from there. 
Screenshots and screen recording 
Rather than filling your camera roll with screenshots, you're now able to bit them or edit your screengrabs instantly. Screenshots will now instantly drop to the corner of your screen, where you can draw on it, share it, save it or delete it. There's also a screen recording option (you'll need to add the button to your Control Centre as outlined above) - simply press it when you want to start recording your screen, and then press it again when you want to stop. 
Safety features 
Your iPhone is much more secure and safe now that you have iOS 11.1 installed. Firstly, you're now able to set it up to shut down 'Do not disturb style' when you're driving. Secondly, you can enable your iPhone to close down when you think someone might be trying to access it via a 'panic button'. The first of the two options is easily set up via your 'Settings' button. The second option is also accessed via the Settings, under the heading 'Emergency SOS'. Should anyone try to access your phone by getting you to fingerprint it, simply click the power button quickly 5 times, which will bring up the Emergency Screen, locking your phone in the process. You can contact the emergency services from this screen too, should you need to. 
Freeing up space 
Your iPhone will now have some new settings designed to help you free up memory space. Head to your storage settings and you can enable your phone to automatically delete apps you don't use anymore. The app button will still appear on your screen, but you'll need to download and install it again if you want to use it. 
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