Computer (or mobile) says no? 
If you're finding that your internet service provider is blocking certain websites, (and disabling content blocking via the normal means isn't working) then we can help you gain access. We show you how. 
For starters, try using HTTPS (secure HTTP) instead of HTTP. 
So for example, if access to is blocked, try 
Now, this may not work for every site as it depends on the web server supporting HTTPS but it's certainly worth a try! 
The tech geek bit: 
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) block content by intercepting HTTP requests. HTTPS requests cannot be intercepted because they are encrypted. All the ISP can see is the IP address of the web server you are connecting to. They cannot see the URL of the page being requested. They cannot block by IP address because one web server could host several different web sites, and blocking by IP address would block all of them. In the case of someone managing to break the encryption, once intercepted, the certificate would be rendered invalid. 
With thanks to our friends at SEP Telecom Solutions
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