Avoid spending a fortune on your iPhone bills

Apple’s data-munching update could cost you a FORTUNE!

Have you used WiFi Assist recently on your Apple handset? It was issued as part of the iOS9 update and is supposed to ensure that users have the strongest internet connection possible at all times – but it does this by switching to Mobile Data if the WiFi signal is weak.

As a result, it could mean HUGE data charges for customers and Apple are currently facing a $5 million lawsuit for failing to properly warn users of the potential cost.

At Range Communications, we like to save our clients money wherever and whenever possible – so if you’ve got iOS9 on your Apple device then we reckon you should take a look. The WiFi Assist function is turned on by default (sneaky, eh?) so check your settings to make sure you don’t end up with an unnecessary data charge on your next bill.

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