Business Broadband Explained

business broadband explained

Business broadband can often offer faster speeds for those whose businesses require it. With standard broadband, the majority of users will only be interested in download speeds, but business owners may also be concerned with upload speeds, which are vital if you’re hosting a website. Faster broadband is also essential if you have a number of employees using it at once.

If your business uploads files, syncs online data, holds video conferences, download and upload speed is something you should be prioritising.


What is Business broadband?

Business broadband is the backbone to many modern businesses. Superfast Broadband is needed to support an increasing number of devices as a small business starts to grow. A business broadband package suits the particular needs of your business by being flexible, more adaptable to your staff as well as your customer needs.

Home broadband vs business broadband

If you have a small business that you run from home, it can certainly be tempting to utilise a home broadband package over a business broadband package. There are however, drawbacks to utilising your home broadband. Home broadband may not offer you the flexibility that you need in order to communicate effectively with your employees. Not to mention the slow response times you may get from customer support if anything were to go wrong!


What are the advantages of using business broadband?

  1. Faster data transfer – whether you’re uploading or downloading, having faster internet speeds is not only helpful from a business perspective, but can boost your employees moral
  2. Static IP address – With a static IP, this allows you to host your own server and website
  3. Customer care – if something goes wrong, you can lean on customer support and get your business back up and running in shorter time
  4. Faster connection speed – there are some packages that offer priority to business users over the network peak times


Important factors to consider when choosing your business broadband

  • Business VoIP – does this come included to help making communication between you, your employees and clients easier?
  • Extranet – An areas that provides your workers with a place to store and share information which is backed up regularly
  • Security – Ensuring that your devices are safeguarded from hackers and viruses when online is super important to any business.

Interested in Business broadband packages for your business but not sure where to begin? Contact our team at Range Communications today! With our expertise, we can help tailor the perfect business broadband for your needs. Call us now on 0115 8718 654.

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