Great news if you're someone who uses their phone while abroad: mobile phone roaming charges in the EU are to be scrapped by the middle of 2017 after new rules were formally approved by MEPs. 
Consumers will first see a significant cut in the charges from next April, before the full changes take effect from June the following year. It means EU mobile phone users will pay the same price to make calls, send text messages and use data as they would in their home country. 
The new rules are designed to save consumers from huge bills after downloading films or other data while abroad. 
Consumers have been suffering from 'bill shock' after holidaying in the EU - an experience which affects more than nine million UK mobile users a year. 
So from next April, roaming fees – charged in addition to domestic prices – will be capped at 0.05 euros (3p) per minute, while for text messages they will be capped at 0.02 euros (1p) and for data at 0.05 euros (3p) per MB of data, excluding VAT. 
From mid-2017 these will be banned altogether. 
The EU already has already capped roaming charges but no such limits apply elsewhere in the world where they can result in holidaymakers facing bills that might cost them even more than the holiday itself, according to campaigners. 
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