Data – just how much are you using?

With apps using more and more data, do you really know how much data you are using? Or when you are nearing your limit?

If you’re like some of our customers – and you have a thing for looking up the answers to all those burning questions while you’re on the move, or if you just like to watch movies on the go, or to regularly stream your music – you might need to know your data usage.

Well, it’s easier than you might think to find out. And the best news, you don’t need another app to do it!

If you are running an iPhone, click on the ‘settings’ app. Tap on Mobile, then on Mobile Data Usage. You’ll see your current usage for the period. The period covers from whenever you last set it, so if you want to know what you’ve used since your last bill simply click on the reset button when your billing month starts and you’ll have an up to date data usage. Don’t forget to reset each month if you want to use it regularly.

If you’re on an Android device, you can click on Settings and then click on Data Usage. You’ll get a little bar graph to show your usage, and you can set a data limit if you want a reminder before you hit a certain data point. This is slightly easier than the iPhone, as this resets itself at the beginning of your new billing month.

In terms of being charged once you hit your limit… that depends on which network you’re on.
EE small business – once you hit the limit, that’s it you’ll be reduced to WiFi only unless you buy a top up via your online account, via the EE app or by ringing 150 and using option 1. It costs £6 for 500MB, £8 for 1GB, £12.50 for 2GB or £16.50 for 4GB.
O2 small business – you’ll be charged 3p per MB automatically from the second you hit your allowance. Or you can add a top-up which will cost £2.50 for 100MB, £5 for 500MB, £8.33 for 1GB or £12.50 for 2GB.
If you’re on Vodafone small business Red – the top-ups cost £5.42 for 500MB, or £8.33 for 1GB. Vodafone is a bit more flexible with their cap, you can text CAP ON or CAP OFF to 40506.

This is a picture of Marilyn of Big Fish, Little Fish, and Stewart of Hamilton Biochemicals when they discovered they could see their data just that easily.

If you find yourself going over your data allowance regularly, it might be worth increasing your monthly bill as it usually works out much more cost effectively to do it that way. If you would like an analysis of your usage to help you decide, just give us a ring on 0115 871 8654 or email us on