Do I Need a Business Landline Phone?


At Range Communications, our business landline phone services help our customers secure the best possible deal and solution for them keeping the process hassle-free for everyone involved. Not only are we dedicated to reducing the costs for your business, but we also thrive in providing a high-quality service, complete with free installations of your business landline phones, with no specified contract length. 

But what are business landline phones, and do you need one and what do we do in 2025?


Discovering business landline phones

Business landline phones are devices that allow a company to receive direct client calls through their personal number. The landline introduces the ability to have multiple lines, such as extensions, allowing certain staff members to receive direct calls.

Similar to residential landlines, these devices are often fitted with caller ID, hold and voicemail services. However, business landlines are likely to feature slightly more advanced components, including:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Forwarding
  • VoIP Calling
  • Call Queuing Systems

…and many more! Business landline phones are designed with these additional components to better improve client communication. The more features you decide to include doesn’t mean the more expensive your business landline will be.

Advancements in business landline technology have seen the introduction of internet connectivity into these devices, allowing the landlines to support both phone and internet services. In 2025 when traditional landlines are removed everyone will need to move to a form of Voip to enable the to keep a landline.


Do I need a business landline phone?

The decision to invest in a business landline phone is entirely up to you and can depend on the size of your business, your level of client communication and the services you provide. In the current climate, it may also depend on the location of your business. If your company solely works from home, you may not benefit as much from business landline phones. 

However, having a business landline phone within the office allows customers to connect you directly with any queries or concerns. Customer satisfaction is key to the success of any business and so business landline phones are seriously worth considering for any new or small business. 

Whilst you can run your business with a mobile number, landlines are proven to be more trustworthy when it comes to the legitimacy of a business. You may deter certain clients without an official business landline phone, as some people connect mobile numbers with scams. 

Business landline phones can also help your company reach its full potential. Instead of relying on email communication, you can set up an immediate point of contact, with fixed lines and extensions for certain offices or staff members. Business landline phones can be tailored to your company, adjusting the monthly package based on the size of your business, the landline features you’d like to include and the growth of your business. Should you want to expand in the near future, certain landline packages allow you to add new lines and extensions as your company grows. 

To discuss business landline phones, whether you’re looking to invest or looking to switch your current landline provider, please get in touch with Range Communications.

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