EE Business is changing for the better

EE has just announced that their business tariffs are changing. This won’t affect existing customers until they come to upgrade.

So what can you expect to see?

The prices may have increased slightly but don’t worry, you’ll get more data for your money too. The tariffs you’ll expect to see are 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 15GB and 30GB. Perhaps not the range of data packages we are used to but there is a lot more flexibility on pricing, making it even easier to choose whether you want a free handset or a really low monthly cost.

And the best news… is that the fastest possible 4G speeds are standard across all business contracts, along with the ability to use your full data allowance on all EU roaming.

They’ve changed Business Select too. You’ll be able to have 30GB of data for £64 a month which includes one of the following, on top of BT sport access:

  • 1000 free minutes and texts from the UK to the EU.
  • doubled data, so you get an extra 30GB of data free, plus 180 free minutes and texts from the UK to the EU.
  • 1000 free minutes and texts, plus 1GB of data, to use while you are in the EE Business Zone (USA, US Virgin Islands, Canada, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Israel and Singapore), plus 180 free minutes and texts from the UK to the EU.

The SIM only options are changing too. You’ll now be able to get a SIMO plan which comes with 60 free minutes and texts from the UK to the EU or with 60 free minutes and texts to use in the EE Business Zone. Both plans come with 10GB of data and only cost £25 a month.

Whether you are due for an upgrade or just fancy moving to EE Business, why not email us or ring us on 0115 871 8654 for a free quote. If you’re not an existing customer, you’ll need to send us over a copy of your bill so we can see what you are using, and make you a bespoke plan to match your requirements.