As you may or may not know, new EU legislation came into being as of the 15th of June which gives mobile users the ability to use their package allowances while travelling throughout Europe at no extra cost whatsoever! This brilliant new rule applies to all networks, from EE to Vodafone to O2 - and we've got you covered on all of them, meaning that if you're a Range customer you can use your regular minutes, texts and data packages as normal, without seeing roaming charges on your bill. 
However, you need to keep a close eye on your data usage where you can, as the rules are slightly different across the networks. 
EE: Data you use within the EU is capped at 15GB per month. So if your allowance is less than that, you’ll pay for extra data as usual. If it is more, users will have to purchase an add-on. 
O2: There's no data cap for business or pay monthly customers. This applies for most pay as you go customers too. However, if you're a pay as you go customer on a £30 Big Bundle (which comes with 20GB of data), you'll be capped at 10GB. You'll need a bolt-on if you want more data beyond that amount. 
Vodafone don't have a cap on their data allowance, so enjoy! 
If you're unsure where you stand, get in touch with us today and we can advise you. 
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