Even though the iPhone X is brand new on the market, there are already reports of owners losing their grip on their newly purchased handset and watching in horror as it collides with the floor, smashing the screen on both sides. Which just goes to highlight the importance of getting yourself a rugged case, to protect your brand new pride-and-joy, the moment you buy it. Something that will protect it no matter what working conditions you find yourself in, and ensure that you can stay in contact with the rest of the team at all times. 
And if that's still not enough, for the slightly more clumsy ones, then you can always look into the rugged mobiles designed and built by Bullitt. 
Bullitt is a British smartphone manufacturer that make durable mobile phones that are resistant to water, dirt and everyday work-related damage. 
These phones have proved hugely popular with builders and other manual workers who need their phones built a little tougher to survive while out on the job. They've even built phones which have sold under the JCB and CAT brands, and have recently struck a deal with Land Rover to create an adventure-focused smartphone. 
If you're looking to protect your phone at work, or you're looking for a more durable handset to survive all kinds of conditions, then we can help. We'll get the best accessories and handsets to cope, no matter how extreme things get in the workplace - all you have to do is ask. Get in touch today by calling 0115 871 8654 or email sales@rangecomms.co.uk and we'll get you kitted out. 
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