Upgraded your smartphone and not sure what to do with your old handset? Don't worry. I spy with my little eye a great way to make use of your old phone and improve the levels of security on your business premises at the same time. 
So long as your old mobile is still in decent condition, works well enough AND the rear camera is still working, you can turn your old phone into a security camera. Yep. Truly. It's dead easy to set up and can even be free to do. 
Here's how you do it: 
1: Download a security app to your old mobile handset 
First, select and download a security camera app for your phone. You should be able to find plenty to choose from in the Appstore or via Google Play if you're on an Android system. Follow the steps to get it going and a live stream running. Give us a call if you're struggling! 
2: Put your phone in a convenient spying spot 
Once your stream is running, you will need to stick the camera somewhere useful. Think about entrances and exits, or where you have valuable stuff stored. Of course, if you have multiple old handsets at your disposal, you could set up a few and cover multiple entrance points... 
3: Mount it and keep it juiced up! 
One thing to consider is power - streaming video can burn your battery down pretty sharpish, so you'll need to have it near a power source so you can keep it plugged in. You should also consider getting a mini tripod so that you can mount the phone and ensure that it's not going to slip or fall. 
If you 're looking for great ways to make the most of your business mobiles (new or old) or want some great accessories, simply give Range Communications a call on 0115 871 8654 or email info@rangecomms.co.uk 
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