While we're all busily spring-cleaning our homes and offices, it's vitally worthwhile that we take a moment to spring clean our phones too. 
You might initially feel put-off about the idea, worrying that it might be a little too complicated. 
That's why we've put together this easy to follow guide to help you back up your Apple or Android device. It's quick, it's easy and it's simple - and it'll save you a whole lot of worry and hassle should you lose your device! 
Here's what you need to do: 


Backing up your iPhone 

Apple has a couple of ways of enabling you to back up your smartphone - iCloud to back up everything to the cloud and iTunes to back it up to your laptop or PC. 
iCloud will enable you to save almost all of the more vital bits of your phone content including photos, messages, apps, contacts, music and movies. It'll also preserve your settings too. 
However, please be aware that you only get 5GB of free iCloud storage and it will only backup content that you've purchased from Apple directly. 
This is what you need to do if you want to back up your iPhone to the iCloud: 
Go to Settings then iCloud then Backup and make sure that you set iCloud Backup to On. 
Press Back Up Now for immediate back up of your iPhone. 
Bingo - job done. If you leave iCloud Back Up turned on, then it will automatically back up the content of your smartphone at periodic intervals. 
If you want to back up your iPhone using iTunes, then use the following method: 
Attach your iPhone to your PC or laptop using your USB cable. 
Upon connection, (providing your PC or laptop is turned on) iTunes should automatically fire up. If not, don't worry - simply open up iTunes and then go to Files and then Devices before clicking on Back Up, and the storage process should then begin 


Backing up your Android 

If you want to back up your Android device, there are a few steps to undergo. You may also want to install some third party apps to keep certain types of data safely backed up - more on those in a moment! 
Find the Settings menu and open it up. Then go to Personal and press Backup and Reset. 
Tick the little box for Back up my data. This will back up your Android device settings. You should also tick Automatic Restore which restores app settings should you accidentally or purposefully delete an app and then decide to reinstall it at a later date. 
To then select the types of data that you would like to backup, go to Settings and then Accounts and finally Google to enable you to back up anything from your app data, contacts, Google+ photos, Google+, Gmail and calendar data. 
However - this won't back up all of your data or content.  
For specifics, you might want to look at third party apps such as SMS Backup+ to backup your text messages, or Dropbox for your photos. 
A little springtime food for thought there - hopefully you'll find that helpful! 
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