Huge Changes Which May Leave You Short-Changed

It’s all change in the world of mobile phones. First for the good news… we’ve just seen the big Apple release, and the Samsung Note 9 which was released not long before that. But you may not know that all the networks are now introducing a spend cap for their business customers.

Plus, any customers upgrading or connecting a new line will now be required to decide how much they would like to set a cap at. You might ask why or what I’m on about? The reason is more simple than it sounds. Some customers are getting a shock when they discover their bill has a massive overspend after they have been on holiday, have rung too many premium numbers and sent lots of picture messages – all those extras not included in your tariff, the ones in the small print.

You can choose how much overspend you would like to allow on each number on your account. Corporate customers should be able to opt in or out of this for the whole account, as opposed to individual numbers.

This sounds like a great, and a much needed option, for customers having trouble with that odd employee who keeps overspending. And should mean no more nasty shocks when the bill comes through.

Onto the bad news then… EE are hiking up their out of bundle charges for all small business customers, and it’s not just the odd pence either. The reality is though, when one network does something, the others usually follow suit, so I fully expect to hear similar news from the other networks in the coming months!

So, how will the changes effect you?

Calls to the UK which are outside of your allowance (unlimited for most people) such as premium numbers, are increasing from 40p per minute to 46p (plus obviously the service charge!). 070, 076, and call forwarding services will also increase to this same 46p.

Text messages from the EU and UK are going up to 30p, but again most people will have these included in their plan.

Picture messages from the UK and EU, on the other hand, are never included in plans, and are going up from 35p to 46p per picture. But don’t forget you can always send them via email, What’sApp and Messenger type services for free, well if you have some data! That might not sound a lot, but it soon mounts up.

On the plus side though, if you want to send a picture or text to a number in zones 1-5, it will now cost you those same figures, sadly though, it’s still not included in your bundle.

But the real killer is calls – both from the UK abroad and while you are roaming and want to call a different zone to the one you are in. Some calls will now cost a whopping double what they have before, so you will need to watch out who you call. A very good reason for making use of those spend caps, and perhaps the reason both are being announced simultaneously!

Of course, if you know you are going to be taking a mobile abroad, ringing abroad from the UK regularly, or sending lots of picture messages, there are various add-ons you can buy upfront to help with all those out of bundle charges. For example, a great option for those that really do want to send pictures from the UK and EU to friends in the UK, is unlimited MMS for £4 a month on a 30-day rolling basis.

The caps will take effect from Monday, while the EE price changes will not take effect until 29 October but EE customers should receive notification of those changes via text or a letter!