If you haven't noticed an increase in your monthly mobile phone bill, you will soon. 
All the networks announced it was time to hike the prices up in line with inflation - otherwise known as RPI increases - and sent out letters to all their customers notifying them of the changes. 
There haven't been any increases for a while, which makes this one hurt so much and feel so unexpected. 
EE were the first to make the announcement some weeks ago but O2 and Vodafone followed suit shortly afterwards. EE and Vodafone's increase for Business customers is 4.1%, O2's increase is 4%. This will affect all bills from the 30th of March. 
Sadly, you won't be able to argue this with the Networks. It is clearly stated in your terms and conditions that they reserve the right to increase the prices. Don't panic, it's not the end of the world, you may be able to upgrade. If you are within the last three months of your contract you should be able to upgrade early on the same network. The upgrade contracts don't seem to be affected by the increases. Plus the networks are in the process of changing their business tariff offerings, so it might be worth considering something completely different. 
If you aren't nearing the end of your contract, you'll have to put up with the increases unless you want to be penalised for leaving your contract early. 
If you would like us to offer you a free analysis of how we can save you money on your mobile contract, we just need a copy of your current bill, call us on 0115 871 8654 or email us sales@rangecomms.co.uk for a free quote. 
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