The benefits of having a business landline telephone number.


In a connected world, it’s more important to be easily contacted than ever before. If not for your customers, then for your staff. Customers expect everything nowadays and part of that is for you to be accessible at every time of the day… After all, if you’re not there somebody else will be! Every business needs a landline that can be reached, but what are the other benefits? If you’ve been working on a mobile phone, you may be missing out on some of the benefits having a business landline telephone number can give to you. 


Using your mobile phone for business is draining, to say the least. Not only does it mean that you don’t get a break, but it also means that there’s no divide between your own life and your work life. That’s just the impact for yourself, but there is also a potential business disadvantage in having a mobile number too… simply because it doesn’t look professional! 


The benefits of having a business landline telephone


Although everything is moving online and more and more people are choosing to utilise their business purely online, a landline phone still plays an important part. It’s not hard to imagine (or remember!) a time where no matter how hard you look, you can’t find a real person to talk to. When shopping or booking a service online, this frustrates many people and puts them off… simply because they couldn’t talk to somebody. The benefits of having a business landline telephone number are unmatched due to the following reasons:


Trust– It is so important as well, that you have a landline number instead of a mobile number as it sends a red flag to the consumer that your product or service is unestablished. When working from a mobile number, you leave the customer’s belief open to the fact that you could be working from a bedroom or garage. Unfortunately, your image and first impressions do matter in business, that’s simply the way it is. As the saying goes, you need to ‘fake it until you make it’ and appear to be more established so that your customers place their trust in you. A business landline telephone can help build trust between you and your customers. If your employee’s work from home, there is still the option of getting a VAP system. A remote-access portal (VAP) can help your employees to access files and other system resources from remote locations. 


Privacy– If you’re a small business, it would be tempting to have all business come through your personal mobile phone so that you’re in the know 24/7. This has its disadvantages; one huge factor is that it will become harder to separate your personal life from your work life. Fair enough, when you’re running a business, you need to be on the ball- however, it is healthy to maintain some form of private life too. Having a business landline can separate your work life and your home life, giving you time to relax. This is one benefit of having a business landline telephone number that really makes a difference! If you wish to use your mobile phone, it is still possible to make the landline come through to your mobile. It is also a possibility to select your availability through Range communications app so you only get work phone calls at certain times. 


Location– If you say you’re based in London but utilise a mobile number and not a local one, people could distrust your business straight away. People aren’t stupid, so it’s always best to have a landline work number, linked to your correct business location or the location of your choice so you don’t have to get a virtual office. A business landline can let your customers get to know the business by understanding where you’re based or where you wish to appear to be based.

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