The difference between residential and business broadband.

Although residential broadband customers also have a fault report service, the main difference between business and residential support is speed. 

Frustrating as it is losing an internet connection at home, the worst that will generally happen is that your kids will complain because they can’t get on Facebook. For your business, however, a loss of connection even for a short time can be a disaster. 
Missed e-mails or a non-functioning website will almost certainly result in angry customers and missed opportunities. If this ever happens, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a queue trying to get through to customer service, only to be told it can’t be fixed for 2 weeks. 
Likewise, your employees will need to communicate with suppliers, customers and each other and any delays can cost your business a great deal. A business broadband provider will understand and react to any faults far quicker than a residential connection.