Boost your X appeal! 
So here it is - after all the fanfare and excitement - the iPhone X has finally landed. No doubt you'll have heard all kinds of rumours about the size, shape, look and functionality of Apple's newest addition to the iPhone family - but is it actually any good? 
At the end of the day, that's what we care about most here at Range - ensuring that you get the best deals on the best phones for you and your business needs. 
That's why we've cut through the noise to explain what all the fuss is about when it comes to the iPhone X. Here you go: 
First impressions 
The first thing you'll notice is the home button. That's because there isn't one. Apple have kickstarted the era of the all-screen phone. You return to the home screen by simply swiping up from a line at the very bottom of the screen. Easy. 
Next thing you notice is 'the notch', the area at the top of the screen where the essential extras - sensors, selfie-camera and phone earpiece - have to sit. It looks a little odd, especially when watching videos, but it's about the only annoyance we've found. 
Because there's no home button, there's also no fingerprint recognition. This little baby uses Face ID facial recognition as part of its security set-up, and it works really well! You 'register' your face when setting up your phone, and then simply open your phone by looking at it and swiping up. Yep - we really ARE living in the future now! 
Operating system and camera 
The iPhone X runs on iOS 11.1 (more on that later), meaning it uses the same operating system as all other modern iPhones, including the iPhone 8 Plus. 
Camera-wise, there's the selfie-camera we already mentioned with a TrueDepth depth-sensing feature for better portrait lighting and overall quality, plus there's a wide angle camera and a telephoto camera on the reverse. Both come with 12 megapixel sensors which ensure sharp, detailed results; the telephoto lens in particular works really well in low-light situations. 
Wireless charging 
That's right. The iPhone X can be charged wirelessly via a charging pad. While the Apple AirPower charging pad (which will charge iPhone, Apple Watch and even AirPod headphones all at once) won't be released until next year, there are already a number of third party charging devices available on the market. In fact - we've got a great offer on in-car WiFi chargers right now for only £24.99 (incl. VAT!) 
The battery life is very good, and you can expect a good 30 hours or so out of it when new, and that's with a fair bit of use during the day (music, films, emails, photos and phone use). 
The iPhone X is not the only wirelessly charged phone - a number of the more recent Samsung Galaxy models and the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus also carry this feature but it's set to become more popular with restaurants and other public places introducing free-to-use charging mats already. 
There's so much more we could say about the iPhone X - but the big news is that we love it. It's by far the best iPhone in quite some time and it both looks and feels great. Although the phone itself is smaller than previous Plus size models, the full-screen aspect means that the display area is larger. 
It really is a beautiful piece of kit. 
Oh, and finally - the 'X' in the name, is meant to be pronounced as 'ten' (as in Roman numerals, see). Come on Apple, nobody has spoken Latin in everyday conversation for the best part of a thousand years! It's the iPhone 'Ex' all the way for us. 
Excited by the arrival of the iPhone X? Want to experience it for yourself? Give us a call on 0115 871 8654 or email and we can make that happen for you. 
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