The Trump presidential campaign rolls relentlessly onwards, and many don't know whether to laugh or cry. 
Let's not forget, the key to the White House could soon be in the hands of the guy who tweeted to the world to "boycott all Apple products" from his iPhone handset! 
This is also a guy who owns Apple stock worth millions, so why did he recently turn on the electronics giant?  
The furore kicked off back in February when Apple refused to comply with government demands to unlock the encrypted iPhone 5c belonging to Syed Rizwan, one of the San Bernardino gunmen. 
The reason they refused?  
The tech giant was worried that its encryption software would be made redundant as a result. The phone was protected with Apple's latest encryption technology which effectively erases all data on the phone after ten failed password attempts. They feared that any software solution created to access the phone and bypass the encryption would soon be used to ill effect by unscrupulous users, thus weakening the levels of protection for all consumers. 
Eventually, the FBI were able to break into the phone and get the info they needed without Apple's help. But in an ever more technologically-reliant world living in a constant state of heightened terror alert, which side would you take in such a sensitive argument? And what would a world look like where Donald Trump gets the say on how the US government wields its power? Hold on tight - you might be about to find out... 
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