Want to avoid nuisance calls on your mobile phone?

When is your mobile phone as annoying as a summertime wasp?

Answer: when a nuisance call breaks your peace!

Nuisance calls claiming to be able to sort your PPI or offering insurance for ‘that injury you had’ are a frustrating side effect of being so contactable these days.

However, you can now make your life a lot easier and reduce unwanted stress from nuisance callers thanks to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and their new ‘text-to-register’ service.

You can sign up by texting “TPS” followed by your email address to 78070. You’ll then receive a reply from the TPS once your number has been added to their database, leading to a reduction in unwanted marketing and sales calls within a few days of you sending your initial message.

It’s illegal for firms and organisations to make unsolicited calls to any numbers that have been registered with the Telephone Preference Service unless they first get consent – so it’s well worth the 20 seconds it takes to compose and send your TPS text message!

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