What is text marketing?


In short, text marketing is a way of reaching potential customers by texting them! This can be a great way to reach customers: think about how many text messages you get in comparison to emails, or adverts on social media! When people get a text message, they feel compelled to answer the message, or at least read the message properly. It’s important to remember that SMS marketing is a great way to remind customers of your services, not just to reach out to new customers. If the person receiving the text message doesn’t understand who it is from, they might feel that you are invading their privacy, which is why it is important to enable your potential customers to opt-in to receive SMS text messages. 


By 2020, 48.7 million consumers will have willingly opted in to receive SMS communications from their favourite brands. It’s even more encouraging that 68% of people say that checking, sending and answering text messages is the activity that they’re most engaged with on their phones throughout the day. 


In this blog, we will discuss what is text marketing including how it works, the best practices and some additional tips.


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What is text marketing? 


Text message marketing is a way of keeping communications going to customers about your business news, promotions, sales and any other relevant information. All of this information is sent via a text message which will get sent to their mobile devices. It is a digital marketing strategy that helps create awareness after a consumer has already opted in. 


You can send text message marketing to groups of people, or send personal messages to individuals for a more custom experience. As previously mentioned, this tactic means that you can stand out from other marketing techniques and go directly to your target audience.


What is text marketing?: How does text message marketing work? 


Text message marketing works by holding a database of information, consisting of your customer’s names, phone numbers and other information. The more information that is stored in the database the better for marketing purposes, one of the reasons being that you can create a more customised experience for the user. 


When setting up SMS marketing, it’s important to remember that it should be used as part of an overall marketing campaign. You shouldn’t send your consumers anything unless it is part of a plan that will benefit the consumer and your business. Simply sending the message will be beneficial to your business, as it reminds customers of your presence, the trick is making sure that the message is beneficial to your customers. Experienced marketers will usually use SMS marketing as a secondary confirmation message, after a receipt of purchase or to give consumers an exclusive discount. 


What is text marketing?: Text message marketing best practices


Have all the right permissions– There used to be a time when companies were legally allowed to send spammy text messages, even if it was considered morally wrong. In the modern-day, it is illegal unless you have explicit consent. You now must obtain consumers permission before being able to send text messages. This is beneficial to you as you will be marketing to someone who is already interested in your brand and you won’t be irritating the people who aren’t interested. 


Keep texts short and sweet– Your messages need to be straightforward and sent on the odd occasion. If you send long messages, there’s a chance that your customer could get bored and opt-out of receiving your messages. 


There are 3 marketing messages you should deliver:


  • Grab your customers attention (e.g. 10% off with this code: SUMMER10).
  • Communicate your marketing message (e.g. Have fresh hair this summer with our discount code).
  • Give a call to action (e.g. Book an appointment now).


Offer an unsubscribe option- Having an unsubscribe option stops your customers from becoming angry at your brand and leaving them no choice but to read them. 

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