Why choose an independent company for your mobiles?

When it comes to your business mobile contracts, do you believe that you will get the best deal by going directly to the provider?

Think again!

Meeting your business mobile requirements!

Whether you run an SME and have a good handful of contacts or are a large corporate company, you will get a better offering and choice by contacting a local broker who specialises in the field. The truth is there isn’t a one size fits all method with mobile, when you have to consider airtime, data, messaging and increasingly more ways to communicate via your mobile phone! Every businesses requirements will be different.
If you have a number of mobiles that are required, what happens if your MD can’t get a signal at home or your Account Manager doesn’t have coverage on his patch?

As an independent advisory, we can look to the networks who we work closely with and have built relationships with over the years, and get the right package. The one that works for you. Not necessarily the ‘off the shelf’ that sounded good but didn’t deliver. We can use our expertise to help keep your mobile phone tariffs as low as possible, whilst delivering the service that you need.

Business Mobile Support

Here at Range Communications, we work FOR our customers. We have the knowledge of current and new products and know which will suit each of our customers.
We are here to help keep you at the forefront of the technology available to you and offer on-going, friendly support – locally.
We heard a story from one of our clients about how a well-known network took them golfing and wined & dined them into getting their business. It was believed they had built a lasting, working relationship…. until the contract was signed! From that point on, contact was impossible and he was advised to call the office number and speak to a faceless operator who didn’t know him. This wasn’t what he signed up for and it isn’t the first time we’ve heard a story such as this!
By choosing your communications provider carefully and locally, you will reap the rewards of extensive experience, long-term business relationships and most of all, support when you need it.

Given the choice, would you choose ‘off the shelf’ or support, advice, experience and understanding of your needs?

Our top ten reasons to use an independent provider!

1) Local, friendly advisor who understands you and your business needs;
2) Extensive knowledge of the whole market, not just one network;
3) Knowledge that your needs are taken care of and that new products suitable to you will be recommended;
4) Expert support, as and when required, from a face you know and not a call centre;
5) Ability to have a flexible package, not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all;
6) Add-on services to support your business package including landlines, VoIP systems, broadband, utilities and vehicle tracking;
7) New technological updates, delivered to you in a non-jargon way;
8) Bill analysis provided, how ever you often you need;
9) Cost savings;
10) Our services are FREE OF CHARGE!!!