Why Use A Dash Cam?

why use a dash cam

Dash Cams are increasing in popularity for a number of reasons over the last couple of years and it is very easy to see why. A dash cam could be the answer in settling insurance disputes and claims! But first…


What is a Dash Cam?

Dash cams are small cameras that are mounted to your windscreen or dashboard of you car facing out at the road. You can get rear dash cams too which capture video from behind. When you set off on your drive, your dash cam will automatically start to record your journey. Some are even timestamped so that they are tamper-proof, which allows them to be used as evidence in the case of road incidents and insurance claims.

why use a dash cam


Why Use a Dash Cam?

There are many good reasons for someone to use a dash cam, especially when it comes to companies who utilise fleets of vehicles. Some of those reasons include:

  • First notification of loss – If anything were to happen to one of your fleet, then you’ll be in the know straight away
  • Video evidence – this is delivered to your inbox or desktop within seconds which can be used in the event of a claim
  • Lone worker safety – If your team members work on their own, they can be tracked and monitored for safety purposes
  • Improved Driver behaviour – a dash cam can help ensure that your workforce are safe and comply to the rules of the road
  • Insurance premium protection or reduction – Utilising dash cam footage can help reduce your insurance premiums as well as provide that all-important video footage in the event of a claim


Are Dash Cams Legal on the Road?

On UK roads, the dash cam is legal and you don’t need a licence or anything else in order to utilise one.  It is important to note however, that if you do install a dash cam, you must make sure it doesn’t block your view of the road as this could affect your insurance. So make sure you don’t get caught out!


What are the key features of using a dash cam for your fleet?

  • Vehicle locations and the nearest vehicle – You can track your vehicles via GPS so you know where they are
  • Vehicle performance and utilisation comparisons – You can keep up to date with any performance issues
  • Automatic mileage and time reports – keep track of how far your vehicles go as well as how long their travel times are
  • Access to secure information online – All your dash cam footage for your fleet can be consolidated into a simple report for you online
  • Cut fuel bills by efficiently managing journeys and vehicles
  • Alerts for vehicles deviating from their route

When it comes to dash cams there are many benefits for both commercial businesses and individuals to utilise one. But there’s also another reason …… watch this video below and you’ll see what I mean… (the thumbnail most probably gives it away anyway!)

It looks like a couple of scammers were trying to pull a fast one! Luckily for the owner of this vehicle, she’s invested in a dash cam for her car so she hasn’t fallen victim to a crash for cash!

What would be your main reason to have a dash cam installed be? Let us know in the comments below!

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