Ofcom Rules

Ofcom Rules

Your provider will reply by text within a minute. They will send you your switching code, called a ‘PAC’, which will be valid for 30 days. Their reply must also include important information – such as any charges that you have to pay if you’re leaving your contract early; or your credit balance, if you’re a pay-as-you-go customer.

You can also request your PAC via your online account on your provider’s website. If you don’t know who they are or how to contact them, then just ask Range Communications and we will help you contact the correct people. When you do this, your provider must provide your PAC within one minute, just as they would if you requested it by text.

Customers who have more than one number linked to their account will need to request their PAC online or by phone.

You then give the PAC to Range Communications and we will arrange for the switch to be completed within one working day. The process is designed to be quick and easy, so you could request your PAC, while looking for a new deal.


If you would like to keep your current handset, you may also need to check whether it is tied (or ‘locked’) to your existing network. You can find out more in our guide to locking and unlocking mobile phones.