Tech Recycling

Tech Recycling

Have you got a Pile of Denial? Do you need a safe way to dispose of it? Would you like us to take it away for free? Would you like us to pay you for the privilege?

It's becoming increasingly more important to look at the ways we dispose of our waste.

When recycling technology products its imperative to protect sensitive data and many tech products destined for disposal may still have reuse potential, with some refurbishment.

Each and every item that passes through our business is assessed for reuse potential and is evaluated, the necessary refurbishment is then carried out before giving them a second lease of life. We endeavour to repair and refurbish as much as possible. In some instances we are even able to pass on residual values for some products which can be reinvested into your business or used to offset the costs of purchasing new equipment.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are now integrated into every part of our every-day life. Phone and tablets contain pretty much all our personal data and the way we dispose of our aged products is now vitally important.

The mobile world moves so swiftly with new products being released each year. The average lifecycle of a mobile product is 2 to 3 years with many of us changing our mobile device every year or even more regularly.

When it comes to recycling our old mobile devices, simply factory resetting them to remove our data isn’t enough. This does not remove all your personal data and data that is retrievable using specific software. With most of us having online banking, email passwords, social media accounts and sensitive data on our devices, we need to ensure we recycle them the right way.

This is where we can help. We specialise in recycling and data erasure of mobile devices. We use industry leading software solutions that are ADISA approved and each wipe is carried out to GDRP standards ensuring that all of your company and private data is completed removed and non-recoverable. A data erasure certificate is supplied for each wipe too, so you can rest assured that every device recycled with us has been fully and securely data erased.

Each device is then assessed for reuse potential and passed through our refurbishment process. This simple but effective process means we are able to offer the best residual value for your redundant mobile devices and you recoup the maximum value left in your equipment. For those devices deemed to have no reuse potential are disposed of accordingly.

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Equipment We Accept

  • Laptops & Netbooks
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Monitors
  • Projectors
  • AV Equipment
  • Scanners
  • Printers

After auditing your equipment, we provide a full and detailed quote highlighting the full value of your redundant equipment. We offer a free collection service. Each product containing a mass storage device is safely and securly data wiped with an asset-by-asset certificate produced which conforms to UK GDRP requirements. All equipment deemed to have a reuse value is then passed through our refurbishment process and remarketed which ensures the most eco-friendliest way of recycling technology is adopted. Any equipment that does not have any reuse value and needs disposing off is done in the correct way with certification provided.

Do you have a Pile of Denial IT recycling requirement?

Protecting your data is one of the most critical aspect of our business. We provide secure and certified data destruction services for mobile devices and computing products.
Whether you are recycling a device or if you simply need data erasing from a device to move it on to a new owner, factory resetting falls short. We use industry leading software to securely erase your private data from a device to ensure GDRP compliance.

Our data erasure solution is performed in-house and caters for Android and iOS devices. With the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the requirements to erase data from used devices has become an industry standard. Our preferred software solution is a certificated ADISA approved application and ensures full GDPR compliance with each device being issued a certificate of completion linked to the devices IMEI or serial number.

For laptops and desktops, we use one of the best software solutions on the market from White Canyon, a company well know globally for its multi-platform data erasure solutions. We have varying levels of wipes to suite all needs right up to 6-pass Military grade standards. Each device that passes through our data erasure procedure is fully certificated for full audit trail.

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Our goal is, and always will be, to reduce technology-based products from heading to landfill. Which is why we refurbish as much tech as we can through our recycle and reuse program.
We work with a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher we are able to refurbish computing products such as laptops and desktops to a high standard and send them out for a new lease of life with a fully registered copy of Windows and Office.
Our refurbish and reuse program extends to mobile devices too, including smartphones and tablets.

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Are you looking to manage and remove the old technology from your educational establishment? Whether you manage the equipment at a school, college or university, we can help you recycle the old technology that has reached the end of its lifecycle.

We make sure to remove redundant equipment in a secure and safe way so you don’t need to worry – and you can make a little extra cash in the process! We can audit and quote for the removal of old IT equipment and achieve the best market rates for it.


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Angela and her team are always on hand to help and assist. Nothing is too much trouble. They offer a wide range of options so I can choose the best bespoke package that suits me. I have upgraded my phone with Range Communications for over 10 years and would not go anywhere else. It’s not just the business mobiles that Angela helps me with. She’s on hand to answer any of my broadband queries and has recycled my old phones and IT equipment. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Angela and Range Communications to anyone.
Terry Dorr
I suddenly realised that my data was running out before the end of the month and I was unable to use data on my phone. One call for help to Range and they got to the bottom of the problem they worked out how much additional data I would need and removed the data cap so this wouldn’t happen again. I didn’t have to call a call centre and waste time on hold or discussing my business to a stranger Angela took care of that and as she knows us and how we work the problem was resolved quickly - thanks again Angela you’re a star!
Debbie Rimmington – Repton Security
Brilliant service from Angela Richardson and Range Communications - I asked for options for a new mobile on Friday, picked out a phone/tariff on Monday and they sent paperwork straight away, ordered it and it was delivered yesterday.
Phil Revill – Web Design and Digital Marketing Consultant at it’seeze Nottingham
What you get from Angela and the guys at Range is true service. Yes, their knowledge is excellent of knowing what's out there and what you need, yes the products they have are really good on price BUT it's a service thats goes around it all that makes a difference. The questions that get answered immediately and the solutions that are found quickly - that's the reason I work with them.
Paul Chapman Marketing Strategist | Speaker | Outsourced CMO | Best Selling Author of The Game Changers.
  • Terry Dorr
  • Debbie Rimmington – Repton Security
  • Phil Revill – Web Design and Digital Marketing Consultant at it’seeze Nottingham
  • Paul Chapman Marketing Strategist | Speaker | Outsourced CMO | Best Selling Author of The Game Changers.

Tech Recycling FAQ’s

No. At present, Range Communications does not offer such a service.    It is essential that you copy the files that you want to keep before you donate them to Range Communications (either via a pop-up event or prior to us collecting them from you).

Copy the data onto your new PC, storage or back-up device. When using Range Communications services you are confirming that you authorise Range Communications to erase your data.   Our licensed secure data erasure software will overwrite the data which means that it cannot be retrieved once the data erasure process has been completed.   If the data erasure process fails, for example, due to bad sectors on the hard disk, a report alerts the data erasure specialist and the hard disk will then be safely physically destroyed (shredded so that the data cannot be retrieved).

Deleting files does not delete the contents of the file (please see the explanation in the question below).   Tempting though it may be on a bad day to take out your frustration on your old tech, unless you shred to small particles, it is possible that the data can be read by someone determined!

Destroying the device or hard drive is not sustainable as it means the precious resources (eg aluminium and other precious metals) within the hard drive or device only have one opportunity for use; we want to give the tech a 2nd and if possible a 3rd life – which is why destruction is the last resort for Range Communications and its passion for reuse.   Physical destruction can only be securely achieved if a large mechanical machine shreds the disk into small particles of between 3 to 20 mm (depending on the confidentiality or classification of the data).

Unwanted electricals dropped off at the household waste recycling centre is treated as waste which means that the materials in the equipment will not be reused but will be recycled. Whilst recycling is better than landfill, we would like the opportunity to give the tech a second life.   Based on Range Communications 3Rs hierarchy – Reuse is preferable to Recycling. Range Communications offers secure data erasure which is necessary prior to disposing of your data-bearing items.

Yes.   Range Communications exists to breathe second life into unwanted tech and if this is not possible, components will be removed prior to responsible recycling.   Our activities are based on circular economy thinking that aim to reduce unnecessary consumption of raw materials (and the tech they produce) and prioritises the repair, refurbishment and reuse of existing tech devices. If this cannot be achieved because a device has reached it’s true end-of-life, we arrange the recycling of components and materials.

Yes, reusing technology is better than tech recycling. It is extremely difficult to recycle technology as it is difficult to break the different materials into separate components. Consumers usually only use their old devices for 2 years before deeming them ‘unfit for use’. We will repair all of your old devices, giving them a new lease of life with a new happy customer.

Some of the materials found in electronics are toxic and therefore might leach into the surrounding environment of the landfill site. If the landfill site gets contaminated, it could pose a risk to the surrounding inhabitants of the environment- including humans. 


Some of the components of electrical products contain metals such as lead, silver, barium, cadmium and mercury. Tech recycling can combat this by disposing of them in the right way.

We can take:


  • Televisions
  • Monitors
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Computer Peripherals 
  • Audio and stereo equipment 
  • VCR’s
  • DVD players
  • Video cameras
  • Telephones
  • Copying machines
  • Cellular phones
  • Wireless devices 
  • Video game consoles 
  • Games consoles
  • USBs 
  • Cameras

When you delete items from your hard drive, your data is still hidden inside your tech device. Data is stored in the RAM which gets passed onto the hard disk. Due to the consistent change of files moving from the RAM to the hard disk, there are fragments of data around your device that cannot be seen or removed without a professional.

You can send in your old WEEE devices to us and we will recycle them for you at Range Communications. If you’re thinking about tech recycling of bigger WEEE equipment like washing machines, you can take them to your local tip. It is always best to reuse old equipment, so if you have an old friend who would like an old device- give it to them!

Once all of the data has been removed, all of the devices are sorted and assessed for reuse. Our tech recycling business includes testing whether they can be resold, refurbished, repaired, reused or made available for upcycling or art projects. If this isn’t possible, we will recycle the old equipment to the best of our ability.

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