Telephone & VoIP Systems 

A new office telephone system can be costly for any business, so choosing the right one is essential. 

The telephone is often the most important form of contact between you and your customers and suppliers. It’s important to make the right impression and getting it wrong could result in lost business or unnecessary overspending on the wrong line rental. 
Managing your calls effectively can save you money and increase flexibility. For example, having a VoIP line added to a standard business telephone system can give a company the flexibility to make calls between sites FREE OF CHARGE or create a home office situation. With our expertise you can create the best business telephone system for your company, whether you are upgrading an existing system or starting from scratch. 

At Range Communications we offer a wide selection of business telephone systems including: 

Standard telephone systems from names you know, such as Panasonic and Siemens 
VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone systems that increase flexibility and enable FREE CALLS 
Fax to Email 

We start by looking at what you need from a business telephone system and create the right package for you. 

From telephone systems for small businesses to larger office systems; 
long term or temporary solutions; 
or simply a quick fix 

Voice over Internet Protocol 

Option 1 
Option 2 
Option 3 
Monthly cost per user 
Use with your mobile 
redirect only 
Use with existing desk handsets 
Hardware available * 
Choose phone number beginning 01, 02 or 03 
Access and adjust via a portal 
Caller number visible 
Calls included 
Diverted calls only, subject to fair use policy 
Up to 2000 minutes of incoming & outgoing calls 
Calls cost 1.25p min to landlines, 3.95p min to mobiles ** 
Outgoing calls from your chosen number 
Multiple users, on the same VoIP number or on different ones 
Make / switch calls from PC, mobile & desktop handsets during a call 
Choose order devices are contacted in 
Number of devices per user 
1 - your chosen redirect mobile or existing landline handset 
Up to 3 - choose between mobile, desktop, PC or laptop 
Up to 3 – choose 
between mobile, 
desktop, PC or laptop 
*Hardware is available from £115. Each handset costs £35 to set up. 
**No additional access charge. 
All prices exclude VAT. 
Do you use more than one supplier for your business telephone systems? If so, we can save you time and money. All it takes is one call to sort it all. Phone now on 0115 871 8654. 

Find out which solution is best for you 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make FREE CALLS over the internet. 

As with most new technologies, VoIP telephone systems can initially cost slightly more than traditional telephone systems. However, they also give you more flexibility and control - and the ability to make FREE calls, saving you a great deal of money on your business communications. 
You can manage most functions, such as changing telephone points, user name and voice mail, by a PC from within your own business rather than paying for external engineers to visit your site. At Range Communications we offer a leasing option on some of our business telephone systems, spreading the cost over 3, 5 or more years to suit you. 

By 2025 traditional ISDN will be switched off - now is the time to consider a VoIP solution for your business 

Replacing the need for expensive, outdated and cumbersome PBX Systems, VoIP is the next solution. It provides a fully scalable, state of the art telephony service, with a list of high-end features normally associated with expensive, on premises telephone equipment. Systems are suitable for businesses of any size, whether you're a new business, relocating, upscaling or a larger business who needs high-end calling features. Best of all these systems are reliable, cost effective, scalable, secure and convenient. Ask us at Range about the features and how best to incorporate them into your business. 
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