Vehicle Tracking, Dash Cameras & CCTV 

Where are your employee vehicles and what are they doing? 

Managing and safeguarding your fleet can sometimes be a real challenge. As a company you want to be the first person to know about events, when the worst happens, so you can offer help and assistance where it is needed most. Receiving information in seconds allows you to deal with incidents and potential claims quicker and more efficiently, so your insurer can resolve the claim quicker and cheaper, thereby decreasing your premium on renewal costs, saving you money. 
Key features: 
Vehicle locations and nearest vehicle 
Vehicle performance and utilisation comparisons 
Automatic mileage and time reports 
Access to secure information online 
Cut fuel bills by efficiently managing journeys and vehicles 
Alerts for vehicles deviating from its route 

Fleet Tracking boosts productivity and saves your business valuable time and money. 

Our fleet tracking system lets you measure the exact movements of all your mobile assets and incorporates cloud-based software to turn raw data into clear, useful reports designed to help you plan and deliver improvements. Fleet tracking enables you to identify and quantify problems you may not have been able to see before and then take steps to correct them. 
Competitive Edge 
Tracking doesn’t just cut costs, it can give you a competitive edge when tendering for new contracts. Our system enables you to respond to customer call outs faster by always identifying the nearest unit, or giving accurate ETAs for deliveries. Our automated reports mean you can show customers how you’re meeting and beating performance promises and providing a great service. 
It adds up to a powerful argument for supporting your offering. 
Tracking lets you plan the most efficient route between stops for each vehicle, saving time and fuel. It lets you identify the nearest available vehicle to each job, improving response time and working your assets harder. 
Vehicle trackers act as a supervisor, deterring staff from taking unproductive detours or going home early. Vehicle tracking systems help prove service level performance to demanding customers. A hidden on-board tracker also helps boost security, revealing the vehicle’s location in the event of theft. 

Dash cameras have added features 

First notification of loss 
Video evidence delivered to your inbox or desktop within seconds which can be used in the event of a claim 
Lone worker safety 
Driver behaviour 
Insurance premium protection or reduction 
Most of our customers tell us they improve fleet productivity by at least 10-20% within the first month, so our asset tracking system only ever saves you money. 
If you want to start saving money on your vehicle fleet costs, then it only takes one call to sort it all. Phone now on 0115 871 8654. 
In the past, our mobile patrols worked with physical checkpoints to enable us to see where they were at any one time. They were tricky to manage and maintain - they were often vandalised and torn down from walls, and they were expensive to run too. Now, our Range geometric monitoring enables us to pull off simple reports with ease, showing where our vehicles are and where they've been. 
The dashcams have been fantastic in being able to prove where our drivers have not been at error and as additional proof that we were actually where we said we were and of who was driving. 

Do more with less 

By combining our planning, analysis and reporting tools, you can reduce costs dramatically as well as improving outcomes for your business. It’s not just about fuel saving: by working assets smarter and harder you could reduce your fleet size and still deliver a better service. 

Easier to use means more effective 

The interface is simple and intuitive, even for those who aren't technically savvy. We guarantee safe storage of your historical data for at least three years, so you can analyse past performance and maximise efficiency, or provide reports for customers or the tax man. 
You can set up automatic email alerts to flag up problems, such as a vehicle which has stopped for too long, or diverted to an unauthorised location stop. 
The best part is there’s no capital investment needed up-front. Services are based on a subscription model. 
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